Paste Special Option in Excel | Part-1

MS-EXCEL-46-Paste Special Option in Excel | Part-1 | Transpose, Paste Link, Linked Picture, and all
MS-EXCEL-46-Paste Special Option in Excel | Part-1 | Transpose, Paste Link, Linked Picture, and all

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Excel मे Paste Special का उपयोग और उसके सभी विकल्प

In this quick and informative video, we’ll explore the diverse range of paste options in Microsoft Excel. From Paste to Formulas, Formulas & Number Formatting, Keep Source Formatting, No Borders, Keep Source Column Width, Transpose, Values, Values & Number Formatting, Values & Source Formatting, Formatting, Paste Link, Picture, and Linked Picture, we’ll cover it all! Join us as we dive into the various ways you can manipulate and enhance your data when pasting in Excel. Don’t miss out on this comprehensive tutorial!

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In this Part, we will learn below-given options

Paste This option pastes the copied content without any formatting or formulas.

Formulas It pastes the formulas used in the copied cells, maintaining their references and calculations.

Formulas & Number Formatting It pastes both the formulas and number formatting applied to the copied cells.

Keep Source Formatting This option preserves the formatting of the copied cells, including fonts, colors, and cell borders.

No Borders It pastes the content without any cell borders.

Keep Source Column Width This option maintains the column width of the copied cells when pasting.

Transpose It transposes the copied range, swapping rows and columns.

Values This option pastes only the values of the copied cells, discarding any formulas.

Values & Number Formatting It pastes only the values and number formatting of the copied cells.

Values & Source Formatting This option pastes the values along with the source formatting of the copied cells.

Formatting It pastes only the formatting, such as fonts, colors, and cell borders, without any values or formulas.

Paste Link This creates a link to the copied cells, so any changes in the original cells will be reflected in the pasted cells.

Picture It pastes a picture or screenshot of the copied cells.

Linked Picture Similar to Paste Link, it creates a linked picture of the copied cells, allowing for dynamic updates.

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