MS-EXCEL-93-How to Create Pivot Chart- Add Chart Elements - Axes, Axis Title - Pivot Chart Tutorial

A pivot chart is a special chart created from a pivot table, which summarizes data. To make one, you start with your data table, create a pivot table to organize it, then use that pivot table to create a chart that visually shows patterns in your data.

MS-EXCEL-92-How to Create Pivot Table from Multiple Sheets - Relationship in PivotTable - Excel

Relationships in pivot tables enable users to combine data from multiple sources or tables by establishing connections between them based on common fields.

MS-EXCEL-91-OLAP Tools in Pivot Table - Offline OLAP - Convert to Formulas - MDX Calculated - Excel

OLAP Tools menu in PivotTable. “Offline OLAP…” option, this feature allows you to work with data from an Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) cube even when you are disconnected from the server

MS-EXCEL-89-Solve Order in Pivot Table - Solve Order Problem in Calculated Item - List Formula

In the context of a Pivot Table, the “solve order” refers to the sequence in which Excel resolves conflicting data or calculations.

MS-EXCEL-86-How to Use Calculated Field in Pivot Table - Calculated Field in PivotTable with Example

Discover the power of Calculated Fields in Pivot Tables and unlock advanced data analysis capabilities. Learn step-by-step how to create and utilize Calculated Fields to perform custom calculations, derive insights, and enhance your data visualization in Pivot Tables.