MS-EXCEL-91-OLAP Tools in Pivot Table - Offline OLAP - Convert to Formulas - MDX Calculated - Excel

OLAP Tools menu in PivotTable. “Offline OLAP…” option, this feature allows you to work with data from an Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) cube even when you are disconnected from the server

MS-EXCEL-73-Multiple Filter in Pivot Table - Multiple Columns Filter in Pivot Table - Hindi Tutorial

Learn the Advance Filter trick of Pivot Tables. Learn How to Apply Multiple Filters in a PivotTable? How to Apply filter on all columns of Pivot Table?

MS-EXCEL-72-Value Filter in Pivot Table - Filter Every Column of Pivot Table - Multiple Filter

Learn how to master Value Filters including Equals…Does Not Equal…Greater Than…Greater Than Or Equal To…Less Than…Less Than Or Equal To…Between…Not Between…Top 10…

MS-EXCEL-71-Label Filter in Pivot Table - Filter data in a Pivot Table - Filter by Labels Text

Learn All Label Filter of Pivot Tables. 🔄📊 Learn how to master Label Filters including
Does Not Equal…
Begins With…

MS-EXCEL-69-Data Sorting with Pivot Table - How to Sort Data in Pivot Table - PivotTable in Hindi

Unlock the full potential of Excel’s Pivot Tables with our comprehensive guide on data sorting! 🔄 With the help of this tutorial one can find answers of below given questions.
How to Sort Data in a Pivot table?