MS-EXCEL-61-Distinct Count in Pivot Table - Count Unique Value in Pivot Table - Data Model - Excel

Distinct Count in Pivot Tables using the Data Model Option and how to use it effectively.

MS-EXCEL-60-Pivot Table Summarize Value By - Sum, Count, StdDev, Varp - Value Field Setting - Excel

Learn about the Summarize Value By Tab in Field Settings / Value Field Settings of Value in Pivot Table

MS-EXCEL-57-PivotTable Option - Data Tab - PivotTable without Source Data - Refresh Automatically

learn about the Data Tab of PivotTable Options, Save Source data with File, Use of Enable show details, Refresh data when Opening the file

MS-EXCEL-56-PivotTable Option - Printing Tab - Print setup for PivotTable - Print title on each page

learn about the Printing Tab of PivotTable Options. Set Print Titles. Print Titles on each page Repeat row labels on each printed page

MS-EXCEL-52-What is Pivot Table - Use of Pivot Table - All Parts of Pivot Table Panel - in Hindi

learn very basic things about Pivot Table. Important thins to keep in mind while creating Pivot Table

MS-EXCEL-55-Pivot Table Options - Display Tab - Set Classic view in PivotTable - Hide Expand button

Here, we will learn about the Display Tab of PivotTable Options. Change PivotTable Name, Show Expand/Collapse buttons, Set Classic view for PivotTable